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The Best Times to Mow Your Lawn | Climate, Noise Restrictions & Neighbours

Mowing the lawn to maintain that perfect finish is a weekly ritual for many home owners in Australia during the peak growing season. But when actually is the best time to mow your lawn? What are the noise restrictions? And how do you avoid disturbing your neighbours?

Whether you're getting the yard ready for a weekend BBQ, looking to improve your lawn health, or simply want the best lawn on the block- knowing how and when to cut the grass is the first step toward a happy lawn and neighbours.

To help provide some insights into lawn care best practices, we spoke to Rob Kerslake from Verduous Gardens for his thoughts on garden etiquette and schedules.

The best weather for mowing the lawn

When it comes to the best weather for mowing the lawn, you ideally want to do it when the grass is nice and dry - mainly as the blades will cut more cleanly, and you're less likely to compact the soil.
This means trying to avoid mowing first thing in the morning or late in the day..
"You'll also want to avoid mowing during the middle of the day as the midday sun already places enough stress on the grass."
The ideal time is either mid-morning or mid-afternoon. If you need to water the lawn after giving it a cut, wait until the sun starts to set to minimise evaporation.
Rob mentioned that the time of year you mow your lawn also makes a big difference.
"In late autumn and winter, the grass is growing more slowly, so you can get away with mowing every two to three weeks."
Also, any mowing you do during autumn and winter should be lighter. So bump the cutting height up a bit to avoid putting your lawn under too much pressure. You might think doing a hard cut during the colder months will give you another week of not mowing, but weeds can begin to take hold if the grass is too short.
"Ideally, you want to mow your lawn so that the height of the cut is around two-thirds of the length of the grass blade… If it's too short, you're stressing the plant, and if it's too long, you're not getting a clean-cut and leaving a lot of leaf on.”

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How often to mow the lawn?

The amount you'll need to mow the lawn will largely depend on the type of grass, season and climate. When it comes to grass type, Rob says that fast growing lawns such as Kikuya, should be mowed every four to five days in summer” but even if you have a slow growing lawn like Couch it should still be mowed regularly in the warmer months to keep it looking lush and healthy.

Obviously, the climate around the country varies throughout the year, so there's no one size fits all lawn mowing schedule to follow. However, the following grass types and cutting frequencies can give you a nudge in the right direction as a general guide.

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Lawn mowing time restrictions in Australia

When it comes to lawn mowing, grass trimming and using powered garden tools outdoors, each state has its own legislation that determines when and when not to do it. For example, in NSW, using a lawn mower after 8 pm or before 7 am on a weekday could land you in trouble with your neighbours and the local council.
To help you understand when you can and cannot start up the grass trimmer, fire up the lawn mower or crank the leaf blower, here are the residential noise restrictions for power tools and equipment by state.
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Battery mower benefits

If you're worried about disturbing your neighbours, Rob recommends using a battery-powered lawn mower.

"They're much quieter than petrol-powered lawn mowers. And if you're looking for a more environmentally friendly option, battery-powered mowers don't produce any direct exhaust emissions."

A great example from the battery range is the Husqvarna LC 142i . It is a compact, light-weight lawn mower that is very easy to use and ideal for small to medium-sized lawns or for trimming smaller complex areas.

But if whisper-quiet mowing is what you're after, Automower® is unparalleled when it comes to noise levels and efficiency. With a perceived sound level of just 59 dB(A), Automower® 305 will maintain lawn areas up to 600m2 without disturbing your neighbours. If you're in need of a robot mower that can cover larger lawns up to 5000 m2, the pro-grade Automower® 450X also measures in at just 59 dB(A).

How many decibels are too many depends on the state regulations, proximity to neighbours and the time of day. To avoid any potential fines or fallouts, try to familiarise yourself with the chart above and be sure to regularly check the official government website for any changes or updates.

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Rob’s top 7 mowing tips

  1. Avoid mowing when it's wet. Cuts are cleaner when dry.
  2. Avoid the middle of the day as it’s often too hot for your lawn.
  3. Mid-morning and mid-afternoon mowing (once dry) is ideal.
  4. Keep grass longer in winter - hard cuts put it under pressure.
  5. From March-May, raise your mower up a notch every time you mow.
  6. In September (spring), start bringing it down a notch with each cut.
  7. How often to cut depends on the type of grass but at least once a week in summer.

You know the rules, now find your tools

Knowing the rules and regulations, including lawn mowing times and when not to power up your mower is just half the battle when it comes to finding that perfect balance between a healthy lawn and happy neighbours.

If remembering time restrictions, mowing schedules and weather patterns seems like too much hassle, then Automower® is exactly what you're after. Running to pre-set schedules with whisper-quiet operation, smart home integration and useful settings such as weather timers and inbuilt safety features; enjoy a perfect lawn 24/7, 365.